BABY BALM - Primally Pure

Baby Balm

BABY BALM Primally Pure
BABY BALM Primally Pure
Baby Balm Baby Primally Pure

Baby Balm

$ 18.00

This is no ordinary baby balm. Our multi-purpose + velvety smooth baby balm helps to soothe/diminish diaper rash, heal cracked/chapped nipples, prevent stretch marks on growing bellies and so much more.


    • Perfect for healing rashes, irritated/inflamed skin and pesky conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
    • Tallow from grass-fed cows (rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K, anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid + antimicrobial palmitoleic acid) deeply moisturizes the skin.
    • Pure emu oil is highly anti-inflammatory, and penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin to nourish and heal.
    • Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with organic calendula flower is gentle yet extremely effective in soothing chapped/irritated skin.
    • Organic marshmallow root is nature’s answer for preventing stretch marks on growing bellies!
    • For more information on how to best care for baby’s skin, click here.
    • Apply this ultra nourishing + healing balm to baby’s bottom, nursing nipples, cradle cap, or any patch of dry/irritated skin.
    • For babies under the age of 1, we recommend completely removing the balm from nipples before nursing due to the presence of beeswax in the product
    • When using this product interchangeably between baby's bottom and nursing nipples, be sure not to "double dip" after applying to baby's bottom and always use clean hands when using on nipples.
    • Take care to avoid getting water into the jar, as this product does not contain preservatives and water may cause bacteria growth to occur over time.
    • Best if used within 6 months.


  • INGREDIENTS: Tallow from Grass-Fed Cows*, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Pure Emu Oil, Beeswax*, Calendula*, Marshmallow Root*