Social Media Manager


We take hiring seriously. The process outlined below is designed to ensure that we bring on individuals who are aligned with our mission, vision and values in addition to being the best fitting person for the job. If the info below aligns with you and ignites excitement within you, we encourage you to bring your a-game to this interview process! If not, we may not be the best fit for each other and that’s okay too.

O U R   S T O R Y

Primally Pure is a natural skincare company that inspires fresh perspectives on beauty through traditional practices. We believe that caring for your skin shouldn’t come at the expense of your health, and formulate products using fewer + better ingredients derived from nature for maximum purity and potency. We seek to improve the health, well-being and confidence of our community through powerful, non-toxic skincare products, life-changing clean living education and intentional human connection.

Our Founder Bethany McDaniel started Primally Pure in 2015 out of a personal desire to approach skincare from more of a holistic perspective and less of a clinical one. Having used all sorts of harsh prescription creams and pills to treat her acne as a teenager and young adult (and dealing with red, raw, irritated skin as a result), Bethany was blown away by the effects she eventually experienced after ditching the harsh chemicals and replacing them with simple + natural ingredients. Bethany’s journey inspired her to start Primally Pure (with an initial $250 order for ingredients + supplies) to help others experience the benefits of using clean products. 

Although Primally Pure has grown exponentially since our launch in 2015 (an average of 175% year over year), our team still exemplifies the same level of passion and scrappiness that allowed Bethany to succeed back when she was making products in her kitchen, labeling them in her living room and shipping packages in her bedroom.

These qualities and more have enabled us to launch several new products and curate buckets of transformative clean living content over the years, all while maintaining a return rate of just over 1% and a customer retention rate of nearly 60%. 

T H E   J O B

The resources we create to educate + empower our community are at the core of our brand. We’re seeking to grow our content team and bring on an individual who is driven and dedicated to providing relevant, research-backed, and purposeful content across all Primally Pure platforms. Our goal is to provide our community with effective solutions, easily digestible information and powerful inspiration to make positive changes in their health, home and family.

Let’s dive into some (but definitely not all!) of the responsibilities for this position.

R O L E S   +   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

  • Execute programming, communications, and content plans for our consumers across social platforms, including managing a robust content calendar
  • Work closely with the PP team to develop community engagement strategies
  • Engage directly with consumers and influencers, facilitating meaningful and authentic two-way communication and responding to questions, comments, and requests
  • Identify new engaging ways and breakthrough opportunities to engage our community, leveraging new features across social platforms
  • Manage UGC asset creation from consumers, influencers and affiliates 
  • Ensure brand activations are covered and amplified on our social platforms
  • Own the social and community aspects of all 360 marketing campaigns 
  • Test content, analyze social data points, and report learnings to continuously improve all channels

I D E A L   C A N D I D A T E   C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

When we consider the ideal candidate for this role, these are the top qualities that come to mind:

  • You’re passionate about holistic skincare and clean living
  • You're purposeful and intentional with every aspect of your work
  • You’re self-motivated and reliable
  • You bring a positive mindset to the workplace
  • You work collaboratively and are team-oriented
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You’re flexible and have a willing attitude
  • You seek to serve others and give back to your community
  • You can manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • You can pivot quickly and come up with creative solutions
  • You have strong research and organizational skills
  • You have a background in nutrition, wellness or holistic beauty
  • You have experience as a copywriter or content writer
  • You are tech savvy across multiple platforms such as Wordpress, Klaviyo, Tailwind, Planoly, Monday and more

O U R   C U L T U R E

We hope that by reading through our Guiding Principles and Pure Team Ethos, that you will glean a better understanding of what sort of a culture we seek to create and protect at Primally Pure.

P U R E   P R I N C I P L E S

  • Powerful, Non-Toxic Products That Work. Everyone deserves to feel confident in the skin they’re in without compromising ingredient quality or efficacy. Our #1 goal as a company is to formulate and produce the most effective, safest and well-made natural products available. 
  • Life-Changing Clean Living Education. Skin health is often a direct reflection of what’s going on inside, and the products we use are only a piece of caring for your skin and self. We are passionate about creating and sharing cutting-edge health information (oftentimes unconventional/alternative in nature) to support and empower our community in lessening toxic load and living a whole, healthful life. 
  • Elevated design. Our brand aesthetic is of the utmost importance, and a high level of attention to detail, care, and expense goes into creating everything from our product labels to all of our content, to the design of our HQ. Surrounding ourselves with elevated design in turn elevates our creativity, productivity and output.
  • Community + Connection. We strive to create a community that’s helpful, inclusive and inspiring. Being in community with others who are on the same path can be instrumental in one’s success or failure in adopting a new lifestyle practice. Our goal is to come alongside our community and offer support and encouragement every step of the way.

P U R E   T E A M   E T H O S  ( W H O   W E   A R E )

  • Passionate: Every role at PP plays an instrumental part in sharing clean products and clean living education with others, and that’s what motivates us to give our all each day. We are go-getters who think outside the box and get excited about executing ideas and opportunities. 
  • Understanding: We communicate with thoughtfulness and kindness to our co-workers and to our customers. We offer grace at all times, even when it isn’t deserved. We are not easily offended, and do our best to assume that others have good intentions.  
  • Respectful: We respect ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, and our community. We appreciate each person’s role on the PP Team, even if we do not fully understand it. 
  • Efficacious: We follow through on our responsibilities, take pride in the work we do and produce exceptional results.
  • Truth-seeking: We question conventional narratives about skincare, health and wellness. We actively do our own research to form opinions. 
  • Exceptional: We are not satisfied with the status quo and go above and beyond with the high quality products we produce, the education we create and the outstanding service we provide to our customers. 
  • Ambitious: We think big and set exciting (and slightly intimidating!) goals for ourselves.
  • Mindful: We are biohackers who seek to improve our health and performance. We acknowledge that our mindset, what we put into our bodies and what we put onto our bodies all have a direct effect on our health and happiness.

P U R E   T E A M   P E R K S

  • Unlimited paleo snacks, supplied by Thrive Market
  • Beverages (coffee, tea and DRAM)
  • Team meetings
  • Quarterly PP Gift Cards
  • 50% off discount on employee purchases 
  • Frequent team workshops and other culture-building activities
  • Generous time off policy  

If you are eager to join our team, please email your resume + portfolio to or check back soon for other open opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you soon!