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Our skincare philosophy: 
real ingredients, real results.


Charcoal Deodorant
$ 22.00
Blue Tansy Deodorant
$ 16.00
Lip Balm
$ 4.00
Everything Spray
$ 20.00
Clarifying Serum
$ 52.00
Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin)
$ 20.00
Cleansing Oil (Dry Skin)
$ 20.00
Cleansing Oil (Oily + Acne Prone Skin)
$ 20.00
Baby Balm
$ 18.00

From the PP Community

“Primally Pure’s Geranium Complexion Mist is the best toner I’ve ever tried.”

“The deodorant’s powerful combination of baking soda with kaolin clay, a powerful detoxifier, is no match for odor. So fresh and so clean!”

“A variety of non-toxic solutions for the home and body.”

“Voted Best Acne Treatment for Oily Skin: Cleansing Oil for Oily Skin

“TheBlue Tansy Body Oil majorly hydrates the skin.”

“Bethany began formulating her own replacements with real, recognizable ingredients. Much to her surprise, the products she made actually worked better than the dozens she had tried in the past.”