4 Unexpected Uses for Activated Charcoal (#2 is My Favorite)

My first experience with activated charcoal (which I'll refer to throughout this post as AC) happened about a year ago when I came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning. Instead of seeing a doctor or taking medicine, I decided to consult Dr. Google on what to do. I probably typed in "natural remedies for food poisoning" or something like that.

One of the first things that popped up was activated charcoal (charcoal becomes "activated" when oxygen is added to it, increasing the charcoal's porosity and surface area). I had heard of people with alcohol poisoning having to take large amounts of charcoal in hospitals to get it out of their system, so it kind of made sense that it would help to remove the food poisoning toxins from my body...READ MORE.

All Natural Food for Your Skin (a review from Vibrant Life Army Wife)

For most people (myself included), the first step when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle involves switching out the processed, crap “food” for real, whole, nutrient dense foods. I believe an important next step however, is to switch out the processed, crap “beauty” products for products made with real, whole, all natural ingredients...READ MORE.

The Dangers of Conventional Sunscreen (And What to Use Instead)

I used to spend a LOT of time in the sun. Between competitive swimming and water polo in high school, life guarding nearly every summer as a teenager, and years of shameless sun bathing in an all-out effort to become the darkest version of myself possible, I've definitely had more than my fair share of sun exposure.

Looking back on my years of reckless sun worshiping, I kick myself. Not just for spending more than a healthy amount of time in the sun, but more so for not paying any attention to all of the dangerous chemicals that I regularly applied to my body and face (thinking it was the healthy thing to do)...READ MORE.

A Review from Sheila of Real Gluten Free Meals

After making a lifestyle change to almost 100% all organic items, this also applied to every single thing that I was putting on my body – including deodorant. For the past year, I have seen numerous articles circulate on the web discussing the topic of aluminum (the ingredient contained in most deodorants/anti-perspirants), and how it could possibly be linked to cancer. Initially, I subtly ignored it because I didn’t want to give up my Secret Sport Anti-Perspirant that had conveniently kept me dry all day long. Little did I know, it caused more harm than I ever thought...READ MORE.